About Us

Every Thing About P.C.A. & Co.

P.C.A. & CO is an G.M.P. Certified mfrs of ayurvedic products in india. P.C.A. & co offers a wide range of ayurveda products from healthcare to lifestyle category. You can find information about ayurvedic health products online with recommendations from medical experts.

Our pharmacy was established in the year 1904 by Shri Late Piduri Ayyavarappa after that Shri Late Piduri Raghvendra Rao took over the responsibilities from 1969 to 1984. Later, it was managed by P.C.A & Co manager Shri Late Lekaraju Gopal Krishnamurthy till 2013 in a humbleway with a conviction to promote and propagate the ayurvedic system of medicine. The company is currently owned and adminstrate by Piduri Upendra, M.Sc son of Shri Late Piduri Raghvendra Rao. We are proud and glad to announce that our company is 110 Years Old by the end of 2014 with many successfulachievements.

Now, we are proud we have put up long services to the nation and have earned very good reputation for Sastric and Effective medicines not only in all states of our beloved country but overseas also and many good testimonals received from high and low. In this connection we also state that physicians of western science too had put in good faith in our products. We are glad to say our products are prepared very pure, safe and carefully selected raw material drugs collected at various places in our country and carefully stored in our godowns.

Our products are available in all big cities and towns through our stockists and in places where stockists are yet to be appointed, can be hand by V.P. Post. We are specially named for manufacture of ayurvedic medicine in india.

With service motive a seperate set up is functioning to give medical advice to those who are unable to select medicines for themselves, are requested to contact us. so that we may be provide some help to those who need it.

"Be Aware" of imitations. Ask for any medicine dealer but let not forget to ask for "P.C.A. & Co." Product, since it is long reputed.