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This remarkable medicine prepared with gold is one of the priceless gems of the ayurvedic system of medicine. This is a well reputed medicine in ayurvedic system to cure all kinds of ailments like neuralgia, brain fatigue due to excessive mental work, womb complaints after delivery spermatorrhoea, impotency, premature old age, low continued fever. Burning sensation of feet, urinary disorders and menstrual disorders, works as antifabrile. antilithic, antipyritic aphrodisiac.

Siddamakaradhwaja Pills

These pills are prepared with the above Siddamakaradhwaja and some other most valuable bhasmams and are covered with gold. useful in all above components acts as tonic nervine .Best remedy in impotency, loss of strength, overheat night discharges. Give vim, vigour and vitality. Serves as a nourishing food to scattered nervous systems.

Siddamakaradhwaja Compounds

Siddamakaradhwaja with suitable anupana bhasmams. A ready made preparation highly useful in all diseases. Indicated above under Siddamakaradhwaja.


This is highly recommended in all above diseases. Cures all mehams. Acts on nervous systems and gives strength.


The most famous specific in ayurvedic therapy to sure all kinds of diabetic complaints. This is prepared with coral, pearl, gold and many other valuable bhasmas. It is used in injury disorders, impotency, gleet, diabetis consumption and general dibility. It is also9 an alternative tonic in gonorrhoe; and spermatorrhoea. Cures seminal diseases and menstrual disorders. Keeps the nervous system in good condition.

Vasanthakusumakaram Pills

A preparation in pill form with Vasanthakusumakaram mixed with suitable anupanmas. Highly Useful in Diabetis.


This is also a preparation with gold.most efficient medicine in curing all mehams, internal fever,general weakness, urinaty disorders, menstrual disorders, leucorrhoea, menoirhagia, veneral complaints, cough and asthma. Gives strength and manhood.

Poornachandrodayam Compound & Pills

A preparation in powder form, with suitable anupanams.


A well known medicine indicated in all diseases like overheat, chronic fevers, burning sensation of feet and palms, nervous debility, bloodlessness, caterrah, e.t.c.


SA wonderful cure for all kinds of ailments due to excessive heat. destroys all mehams, gout, gleet, burning sensation of palms and feet, thirst, urinary complaint, veneri8al,diseases, rheumatism, haemorrhage, leucorrhoea, menrrhagia, nervous pains, lumbago, mouthsore,etc.


Specially prepared for infants. Very useful and dependable remedy for indigestion, vata troubles, heaviness in stomach.


A purely ayurvedic highly concentrated palatable tonic. A most powerful combination of many indigeneous aphrodisiac drugs which promots and invigorates the scattered nervous system.accelerates vim, manhood and mascular strength, purifies blood, gives fleshy and healthy appeatance acts as aphrodisiac, cardic, dugestive, hematic, nutrive and nervine.

Kasamix ( Cough Syrup )

Kasamix is a fluid extract of vasaka cinnaman, cloves, vitis vinifera, tavakshiri, nagakesaram etc., To act deeply and effectively on the respiratory system and bring back to normal functioning. Very efficaciously cures all respiratory disorders like dry coughs, phlegm, hic cough whooping cough, hard breathing etc.

Rakta Dosha Hara

Blood Purifying herbal tonic. Clears all skin infections, controls rheumatic and joint pains.

Sisuvardhaka ( Baby Tonic )

Promotes general health to children of all ages, Improves digestion, Keeps baby active, Promotes normal growth in infants and children.


Digestive tonic improves appetie and strengthens digestive system rejunevates liver, Gives quick relief in jaundice.


Highly useful in B.P. This can be used along with Suvarnasuryavarthi compounds for quick results.


This has numerous testimonals from the high and low and has gained the confidence of many doctors. This is a fluid extract of many indian mountain herbs which have possessed the sterling properties of an ideal nervine tonic. Keeps the human body in normal temperature and befits the heated brains of officers and students due to prolonged physical labour and mental strain. Gives fleshy and healthy appearence.

Pramada ( For Ladies )

This is the most poerfull, sure and quickly remedy for all kinds of chronicuterinma ladies. This elixir cures painful menstruation. Unhealthy colour of discharge, more dischare lucorrhoe etc, this elixer keeps control over all disorders in the process of menstruation and keeps the blood hale and healthy. Keeps the generetive organs in good conditions and helps in giving birth to child.


A blood purifier, this is specific for all kinds of syphilitic complaints skin diseases, rheumatic pains, joint pains etc.


It is most useful in all kinds of heat complaints urinary disorders, mehams, burning sensations in the body, urinary tract etc.


very useful for ladies in pregnancy. Useful in over heat, thirst, burning sensation in the body, dyspepsia loss of appetite. Keeps in good health.


Useful for all kinds of bilions complaints, vomittings, thirst burning sensation in the body, dyspepsia loss of appetite etc.


It has been in use for long time in bikious complaints insanity and other ,metal disorders, excess of heat in the body etc.


Gives strength to brain. Improves power of remembrance.


Best and sweet tonic for infants of all ages. Very useful for children complaints, Gives digestion improves blood.


This is one of our best preparation, prepared with gold, silver. salamisri safedamisri, pachakarpuram and many other valuable aphrodisiac drugs which acceleate the sexual energy.

Narasimhalehyam With Siddhamakaradwaja

The famous narasimha lehyam is mixed with age old renowned ayurvedic nervine tonic, "Siddhamakaradwaja" a gold preparation to accelerate the results.

Madanakameswara Lehyam

prepared with several valuable drugs, a boon to the weak and the impotent, increases sperm and strengths sexual power, destroys all mehams over heat. Cures diabeties and spermatorrhoea. it thickens the semen and uncrease sexual appetite. Drives away all disinclination for work there are several testimonials to back up the above state.

Ratnapurusha Lehyam

Useful In Sexual and general weakness. Best general and sexual tonic.

Mahakhusmanda Lehyam

An excellent cure for complaints due to excessive heat nervous debility. Also gives most appreciable strength.

Chyayavanaprasa Lehyam

Prepared with the juice of emblic myrobalan as a general tonic and issue builder. Cures consumption all kinds of coughs, bronchitis etc. In case of troublesome cough it brings out phlem without increasing secretion. Also available with "siddhamakaradwaja"

Chyavanaprasa Lehyam (With Siddamakaradhwaja)

Improves general strength in old age. Relives cough and congestion of respiratory track, asthma, Bronchitis.

Palasugandhi Lehyam

This directly acts on the blood and kills the rootof all skin diseases rheumatic pains, all kinds of joint pains itch and latest venereal diseases both sex can use.

Rojapushpa Lehyam

This is very sweet in taste and efficacious in giving free motion. Removes constipation to the fullest satisfaction. Eradicates dyspesia and flatulence increases digestion and appetite. Prevents all types of ailments if taken occassionally. To be taken before retiring to bed for free motion in the next morning.

Rojapushpa Lehyam ( Special )

Safe and sure bowel regulator. Removes all kinds of constipation. Does not contain habit forming ingradients.

Sowbhagyasonti Lehyam

A special preparation for ladies use after delivery cures all the vata disorders.

Saraswatadi Lehyam

Best brain tonic improves the power of remembrance.

Bavanchadi Special

Highly useful in white patches on the body with combination of gandhakarasayanam or alone. For external use swetakusthulepam may be used.

Aswagandhadi Lehyam

This preparation is noted for its ability to cure all kinds of mehams, all kinds of heat complaints physical weakness, burning sensation in the heart, dry cough anaemia etc. Gives strength to the body and stimulates digestions.

Kandamula Rasayanam

A good specific for piles of any kind.

Gandhaka Rasayanam

An effective and successful remedy, prepared with well purified sulphur for all kinds of skin diseases like lucoderma, leprosy, syphills in any form eruption of the skin etc. Removes constipation up to satisfaction. The period of treatment range from 40 days to 3 months according to the nature of the disease.

Pratapakasturi Pills

The pills are considered to be most helpful in maintaining good health of young as well as old. These are prepared with genuine musk and many other valuabl;e drugs which emits fragrant odour. These will undoubtedly gives immediate effect in relieving from the disease of fever, cough, cold, stma, vomitting,cholera, indigestion, constipation, dysentary. And many other complaints due to vatams.

Sukhavirochana Pills

As the name itself tells this is a purgative medicine cures all complaints of indigestion, constipation etc.

Ajeernavayuva Pills

These pills have been specially prepared for children.

Rutusula Pills

This is a redicalcure for the pains attended with irregular menstruation. For 3 menses 3 tins at least should be used.


Best remedy for menorrhagia. Helps much for regular menstruation.

Dhatuvardhaka Pills

Improved body resistance, vitality and sexual power, increases sperm count.

Romatika Pills

Best remedy for rehumatica point joint pains.

Madhumeha Bhanjani

Redical cure for excessive discharge of urine, diabetes thirst etc.

Jwarahari Pills

Very strong in combating all kinds of fevers.

Yogarajaguggulu ( Laugh )

This is best for chronic rheumatism, pains in joints.

Bruhadyogaraja Guggulu

Preparation with useful bhasmas to root out any kind of complicated and long standing venerial syphilitic and rheumatic pains.

Dhanvantari Kalpam

Highly indicated in coughs, asthma, bronchitis phlem etc.

Bruhachandhanadi Churnam

Cures mehams, excess of heat inflamation of feet and eyes burning sensation etc.

Mehantaka Churnam

Cures all mehms, yellow urine, disturbed bed sleep all heat complaints.

Aswagandhadi Churnam

Tonic to the body and most redical cure for chronic heat or fever, asthma, cough etc.

Sithophaladi Churnam

Cures, consumption, cough, tastelessness, fever vomitting and inflamation of legs and feet.

Talisadi Churnam

Dest remedy for cough, fever, vomitting, dysentary dispepsia etc.

Rasottamadi Churnam

If applied with coconut oil, itch and other skin diseases will be cured.


Made from several valuable bhasmams, the virtues of this kalpam is highly respected by the physicians. Most powerful in curing excessive heat, all fevers, thrist, cough tiresomeness, genorrhea urinary calculi, swelling of joints, blockade of urine, high temperature deserves high place in every medicine chest.

Sanjeevana Kalpam

Prepared with several valuable bhasmams. Highly respected by the men of great knowledge. This is the most powerful remedy in excessive heat, all gout, gonorrhoea, swelling of joints, mehams, blockade of urine, high temperature, chronic dysentery. Deserves to be in every house.

Bhaskara Lavanam

A most efficient for indigestion, enlargment of spleen stomach aches and all other stomach disorders.

Yeladi Churnam

It is good for hiccoughs, loss of appetite and all other bilious complaints.

Mandara Tylam

Cools brain, grows lovely hair, kill lice.

Notiputa Lepam

An application of this cures thr roughness of the mouth, burning sensation etc.

Tamara Thylam

This is carefully prepared to cure itch, ringworm and all other skin diseases. This relieves with two or three applications.


This is carefully prepared for all kinds of skin complaints such as abscess, boils dandruff, scables, wounds ulcer etc.

Kalipagulla Thylam

As the name itself indicates this is good to cure cracks of heels.

Bavanchadi Lepam

For externam use in white patches ( Bolli )

Andavrudhi Lepam

By application this cures swelling of testicles undoubtedly.

Sushupti Tylam

Promotes normal sleep and cools the brain

Brahmi Amla Tylam

Prepared with valuable herbs, Enhances memory power and concentration, very useful for students. Stops burning of eyes, improves mental performance.

Karnamruta Thylam

A cure for all ear complaints.

Narayana Thylam

A reputed ayurvedic thylam for external use indicated in joint pains, vata pains, etc.

Kamasanjeevi Thylam

Oil for external application for penis for potency.

Pinda Thylam

This semisolid preparation is highly useful in vata pains, wounds, burns, cracks in the heels etc.

Amrutamalaka Thylam

Good oil for baths. Brings down heat and cures all head ches, burnings in the eyes etc.

Brahmi Thylam

A special oil to hair for daily use, best remedy for mental diseases. Removes fatigue, mental weakness and increases remembrances power.

Brungamalaka Thylam

This is most powerfull and effective bathing oil. cools the brain much beneficial for sleeplessness, excessive heat. Burning sensation in the eyes, brain diseases, head ach and discomfort caused by over study and over work. A boon to students and brain workers.

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